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Cannabis Petition to the German Bundestag

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Cannabis Petition to the German Bundestag

Beitragvon Williamhawk am Mi 1. Nov 2017, 14:17

Legalization This article deals with a petition of the German Hanfverband at the German Bundestag for the legalization of

Since several days the German Hanfverband ( ) starts a petition for the legalization of cannabis as a stimulant under the consideration of the prevention, protection of minors, quality control as well as the consumer protection. The Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag has activated the e-petition on the official platform.

Legalization of cannabis in Germany The Bundestag may regulate the market for cannabis as a stimulant, taking into account in particular the aspects of protection of minors, prevention, consumer protection and quality control.

Cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol. There is no medical justification that cannabis is banned and alcohol is not. The ban is a significant, disproportionate and unfounded interference with civil liberties. The ban has no measurable positive effects. Among other things, it does not lower the consumption rates and does not prevent problematic consumption patterns.

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