"Italy Decriminalizes Marijuana"

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"Italy Decriminalizes Marijuana"

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"Last Friday, Italian lawmakers officially decriminalized a number of minor crimes, the most important of which are rules regarding marijuana cultivation, possession, and use.
The initial terms of the proposal said that “people over the age of 18 could cultivate up to five plants at home and growers could set up social clubs involving a maximum of 50 people and 250 plants,” according to Italian news sources.

It also called for new possession laws that “would allow people to store 15 grams of marijuana at home and carry around up to five grams of the drug, figures which would be higher if the marijuana was being held for medical use.”

At this point, it’s unclear just how many of these initial proposals were officially enacted in last Friday’s changes, but a report published by Reuters explained that “growing cannabis for personal use remains a crime, though medical use of marijuana in Italy is legal, if it is bought from a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.”"

http://dailyhealthtime.co/italy-decrimi ... alization/


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