Arbeitgeber in Maine müssen Cannabiskonsum akzeptieren

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Arbeitgeber in Maine müssen Cannabiskonsum akzeptieren

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Im US-Bundesstaat Maine werden Arbeitgeber per Gesetz zukünftig daran gehindert, ihre Mitarbeiter auf Cannabis zu testen oder sie wegen privatem Konsum zu diskriminieren. In Maine dürfen seit 2016 Personen über 21 Jahren Cannabis frei erwerben.

"Employers blocked from discriminating against staff using marijuana in Maine

The state voted to legalise recreational marijuana use in 2016

Workers in Maine no longer have to worry about getting in trouble at work for smoking marijuana in their off time.

Employers in the state will no longer be able to discriminate against employees for using marijuana or marijuana by-products outside after new laws went into effect, and the state’s Labour Department has removed the drug from its list of substances that employers can test applicants for, according to the employment law firm Littler Mendleson PC.

The new law applies only to individuals 21 or older, and prohibits refusing to hire someone who uses marijuana in their off time as well as simple discipline for pot use.

Individuals who use marijuana during work hours and at the work place can still be disciplined by their employers for being under the influence at work. A positive test result, however, won’t be enough to prove an employee was or is under the influence, according to a state labour department spokesperson.
Marijuana is still technically an illegal substance according to state law.

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