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So es gibt neue Wünsche für Übersetzungen, wer hat Lust sich da ranzuwagen?

Transkript & Übersetzung ins Englische von diesem Video von Georg:

http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... nverbotes-

Bei folgenden Artikel wäre eine Übersetzung (musst nicht 1 zu 1 sein & Zusammenfassung reicht ggf. auch) fein:

40% für Legalisierung: http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... n-cannabis

LINKE fordert Legalisierung aller Drogen: http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... ler-drogen

CSC Antrag der LINKEN: http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... w-together

Georg Wurth fliegt zur Reform Conference: http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... rence-2011

Prohibitionsuhr (+Zahlen): http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... suhr-tickt

Sativex: http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... vex-ist-da

Cannabis als Medizin Antrag der Grünen: hanfverband.de/index.php/nachrichten/aktuelles/1486-gruene-zugang-zu-medizinischem-cannabis-fuer-alle-ermoeglichen

Streckmittelanalyse: http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... lmeldungen

EMNID Umfrage: http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... nabisrecht

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Re: Übersetzungen

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Übersetzung: Sativex:
Written by : Maximilian Plenert
Friday, the 01. Juli 2011 at 12:05 pm
Translation by : Julius S.

Sativex arrived
Good news for Multiple-Skrerose-Patients: Since today Sativex is available (to buy) in German pharmacys.

In december 2008 first anouncement were made by the then Healthminister Rösler, who had the target to make the access
to "mariuanah as a medicine" easier. At least the mitiple Skerose Patients with spasticity time has come, they now can buy Sativex a cannabis based medicament. A carton with 300 doses, which lasts 2 to 10 weeks, depending of the intesivity of the sicness, costs 600€. But this medicament is payd by health insurance, mot like Dronabinol or cannabis from the Netherlands.
Patients which are suffering from differnt diseases as Multiple-Sklerose, still have the same problem, indications how this could be cahnged are on the table.

erste version der übersetzung, habe gerade nicht viel zeit, ich überarbeite sie mirgen nochmal

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LINKE fordert Legalisierung aller Drogen

Beitrag von 8bipolar8 » Di 29. Okt 2013, 08:37

Left Party demands legalization of all drugs in the long run
Written by: Maximilian Plenert
Tuesday, 15 November 2011 at 7:49PM
Translated by: 8bipolar8

The Left Party decided on their new party program on their party congress in Erfurt in late October. It includes the following demands: “We advocate a rational and humane drug policy, which includes decriminalisation of drug use and, in the long run, legalisation of all drugs.”

Due to the enormous press feedback, the Left Party relativized their resolution following an initiative by Gregor Gysi, the party’s floor leader at the Bundestag and party leader Klaus Ernst by adding: “’This means decriminalising addicts and organizing help and a legal and controlled distribution of drugs to them.”
While CDU/CSU and SPD did not like the proposal and tried to marginalize the Left Party and their position, Frank Tempel, drug spokesman of the Left Party parliamentary group, pointed to Tom Koenigs, who also demanded legalisation of all drugs in a guest contribution in the daily Frankfurter Rundschau.
The complete paragraph in the Left Party programme now reads as follows:
“We want a liberal and undeceived drug policy in Germany. Drugs are part of every day life. Alcohol abuse is a social issue. The distinction between legal and illegal substances has been made on an arbitrary basis. Drugs as well as their abuse can lead to severe health, social and material problems. Therefore, we advocate a rational and humane drug policy, which includes decriminalisation of drug use and, in the long run, legalisation of all drugs. This means decriminalising addicts and organizing help and a legal and controlled distribution of drugs to them. Basically, we want a society that does not rely on punishment and repression of drug users, but one that prevents drug abuse with prevention and information actions.”
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40% für Legalisierung

Beitrag von 8bipolar8 » Di 29. Okt 2013, 09:15

Poll: 40% in favor of cannabis legalization
Written by: Maximilian Plenert
Thursday, 17 November 2011 at 7:46PM
Translated by: 8bipolar8

According to a current representative online poll by the market and trend research institute EARSandEYES, 40% of German citizens are in favor of legalizing cannabis. Even legalisation of all drugs found the consent of every fifth person. Only 38% of German citizens think that drug prohibition by the government is the right thing to do.
German citizens are far ahead of politics and parties when it comes to drug policy. While in Germany the dogma of abstinence in drug policy is still valid when it comes to illegalized drugs, 84% of respondents are aware that there will never be a drug free society. As in the EMNID poll, the age, when polling legalization, played only an insignificant role in how the answer turned out. Also, the proportion of those thinking cannabis is dangerous was higher that the proportion of those against legalizing cannabis: 73% think that cannabis is a gateway drug - at least 13% of those are nevertheless in favor of legalization.
According to the respondents, the arguments in favor of legalization are foremost the positive - e.g. pain-reducing - effects of cannabis (63%) and the reduction of organized crime in case of legalization (60%), and then the desire that everyone should be able to decide for him/herself to consume it or not (57%). The arguments against legalization besides the gateway drug theory are risk of addiction (61%) and damage to the psyche (54%). EARSandEYES polled 1,000 German citizens from age 16.
Our EMNID poll showed that only 40% of citizens would like to continue the current legislation or tighten it, 35% were in favor of some form of decriminalisation, and 19% were in favor of complete legalization. Due to the additional option “decriminalisation”, this latest poll is not contrary to our poll. In the EARSandEYES poll, those in favor of decriminalisation had to decide whether they were in favor of legalization or not. When hearing the l-word, many people back off, because they think legalization is the same as complete liberation, without being aware that legalization means regulation of the market.
Unfortunately, those 40% of citizens in favor of cannabis legalization are not being represented appropriately by the political parties. At the last elections in Berlin, pro-hemp parties in Berlin gained a total of 40% of the votes. On a federal level, Green Party, Left Party and Pirate Party do not reach that percentage, and even in these three parties, legalization is only a resolution with a majority, not a party-wide consent, as e.g. the nuclear phase-out in the Green Party.
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CSC Antrag der LINKEN

Beitrag von 8bipolar8 » Di 29. Okt 2013, 15:25

The Left: Let’s Grow Together
Written by: Maximilian Plenert
Monday, 17 October 2011 at 1:06PM
Translated by: 8bipolar8

The Left Party has initiated a motion in the Bundestag that demands the introduction of Cannabis Social Clubs. In addition, the motion demands legal possession of up to 30 grams of hemp and legalization of hemp seeds.

Following the Spanish example, this concept is to be established in Germany, too. The Left Party parliamentary group states that cannabis is not more dangerous than traditional drugs like tobacco and alcohol.
According to the motion, only registered members older than 18 years are allowed to enter the club’s premises. This means that these clubs would be the only opportunity to buy cannabis. Smoking cannabis is subject to the Non-Smokers' Protection Act.
The motion also calls for a scientifically based THC blood limit for road traffic.
“Those who smoke on Saturdays on a regular basis”, says Frank Tempel, drug spokesman for the Left Party, “are not necessarily impaired in their ability to take part in traffic on Thursday, although there is still a measurable amount of THC in their blood.”
With calling for cannabis social clubs and THC limits for road traffic, the Left Party takes up two main demands included in the DHV’s Cannabis Petition, which will be discussed in the petition committee at the Bundestag for the first time.
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Georg Wurth fliegt zur Reform Conference

Beitrag von 8bipolar8 » Do 7. Nov 2013, 08:34

Georg Wurth attending the Reform Conference 2011 as German expert
Written by: Maximilian Plenert
Friday, 14 October 2011 at 2:07PM
Translated by: 8bipolar8

From Nov 2 to 5, 2011 the International Drug Policy Reform Conference will take place in Los Angeles. Georg Wurth will share his knowledge on Germany’s and Europe’s drug policy there, representing the German Hemp Association (Deutscher Hanfverband - DHV). He will also be meeting Ethan Nadelmann, the founder and Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance.

The Reform Conference http://www.reformconference.org/ is organized by the Drug Policy Alliance with support from NORML, Law Enforcement against Prohibition (LEAP), Students for Sensible Drug Policy and some more. More than 1,000 guests from around the world are expected. The complete spectrum of possible topics is covered with more than 50 items on the agenda: stigmatization of users, strategies against overdosing and promoting risk reduction, the influence of financial support by the medical cannabis industry, new partnerships for cannabis reforms, the latest achievements in cannabis as a medicine, the future of psychedelic research, but also practical workshops like “Bad Trips - How to Respond to Unwanted or Dangerous Side Effects of Psychedelics, Opiates & Stimulants”. Georg Wurth has been invited to speak on "The Portuguese Decriminalization Model in Global Context“ http://www.reformconference.org/program ... al-context. He will address the meaning of the reforms in Portugal http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... s-portugal, but also the steps backwards in the Netherlands, and the role of the European Union in drug policy.
Los Angeles is also one of California’s centers with a particularly high number of medical marijuana dispensaries, hundreds of shops where patients with the required license can legally provide themselves with hemp flowers. So, this will be a good opportunity for Georg Wurth to take a closer look.

A few days after the conference, Georg Wurth will meet the director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), Ethan Nadelmann, in New York for a joint dinner. The DPA is our biggest sister organization, so to speak, in the USA - with more than 50 permanent employees and more than 25,000 paying members. Compared to that, the Hanfverband is a tiny dwarf, but even so it is growing constantly and could use considerably more permanent employees. For this reason it is very interesting how the DPA works, how it is organized and how it could become so big.
By the way: Most of the travel expenses are paid by the conference organizers who provided a budget for guests from foreign countries. If you want to contribute to paying the remaining costs, make a donation http://hanfverband.de/index.php/aktiv-werden/spenden with reference to "Reform Conference".
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Prohibitionsuhr - DHV Drug War Clock

Beitrag von 8bipolar8 » Do 7. Nov 2013, 22:25

Wenn ich eine konkrete HTML-Datei bekomme, kann ich die auch nochmal rasch direkt übersetzen, dann muss der Webmaster nicht copy&pasten... (wegen der ganzen Felder...)

The Drug War Clock is ticking!
<http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... suhr-tickt>

Written by: Maximilian Plenert
Friday, 30 September 2011 at 2:11PM
Translated by: 8bipolar8

The Deutsche Hanf Verband (German Hemp Association) and the Schildower Kreis (Schildow Circle) <http://www.schildower-kreis.de/> have created a copy of the US American Drug War Clock 2011 <http://www.drugsense.org/cms/wodclock>. It shows how much money the government spends every single minute for prohibition and how many persons are affected by prohibition.

DHV Drug War Clock 2013
<http://hanfverband.de/index.php/compone ... ticle/1525>
Current time of day

Offenses against the Narcotics Law

Offenses against the Narcotics Law by users

Offenses against the Narcotics Law due to cannabis

Offenses against the Narcotics Law by users due to cannabis

Terms of imprisonment due to drug offenses

Court orders for telecommunication surveillance due to drug offenses

Seized cannabis

Consumed cannabis

Costs of cannabis prohibition

Costs of drug prohibition

Possible revenues and saved costs through legalization of cannabis

Turnover of global drug markets

Death victims in the Mexican drug war

Death sentences carried out due to drug offenses worldwide

The numbers of the drug war clock represent the values since the beginning of the year and refer to Germany, if not mentioned otherwise. You can include the Drug War Clock on your web site with the values of your choice. How to do this is described here <http://hanfverband.de/prohibitionsuhr/custom.php> - thanks for letting us know when you use it on your page!-) To see the Drug War Clock, Java Script needs to be enabled in your browser.
A key to the numbers can be found on the Drug War Clock page <http://hanfverband.de/index.php/themen/ ... bitionsuhr>.

Here is a different representation of the numbers: One day in the era of drug prohibition <http://www.alternative-drogenpolitik.de ... ohibition/> & Five minutes in the era of drug prohibition <http://www.alternative-drogenpolitik.de ... ohibition/>.

The Drug War Clock is ticking on the DHV start page below the boxes on the right side. We display the numbers we think are most relevant for cannabis:
• Offenses against the Narcotics Law due to cannabis by users
• Terms of imprisonment due to drug offenses
• Possible revenues and saved costs by legalization of cannabis

This is the code for it:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.hanfverband.de/prohibitionsu ... cannalegal">
// Repressionsuhr

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Antrag der Grünen / Cannabis als Medizin

Beitrag von 8bipolar8 » Mi 13. Nov 2013, 19:18

Green Party: Make medical cannabis available to everyone
<http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... moeglichen>
Written by: Maximilian Plenert
Thursday, 23 June 2011 at 12:17PM
Translated by: 8bipolar8

Cannabis as a medicine - still scarcely available!

Despite court decisions and wholehearted announcements from the German Health Ministry, medical cannabis is actually still scarcely available in Germany. The Green Party at the Bundestag have brought a petition forward to improve the situation for all affected patients.

When one year ago newspapers announced that the Federal Government would legalize cannabis as a medicine, it quickly became clear: A lot of fiction, little facts <http://hanfverband.de/index.php/nachric ... d-dichtung>. Despite all contrary headlines: Only proprietary medicinal cannabis products became prescription drugs <http://www.alternative-drogenpolitik.de ... ungsfahig/>; neither did high value cannabis flowers become more easily available nor did home growing become legal nor was the problem of inadequate health insurance cost reimbursement for existing cannabis drugs like Dronabinol solved. Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen from Rüthen/Germany, chairman of the national association “Cannabis as Medicine" summarizes: “Patients are really disappointed” <http://www.derwesten.de/staedte/ruethen ... 71753.html>.

Dr. Harald Terpe, spokesman on drug and addiction policy of the Green Party parliamentary group names those politically responsible in a Dossier on the Issue of Cannabis as Medicine <http://www.harald-terpe.de/meine-themen ... dizin.html>:

2011: Federal Government Denies Access to Budget-friendly Medicine
In January 2011, the administrative court in Cologne found in favor of a patient who had objected against the rejection of his application at the Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products (BfArM) to grow his own cannabis. The patient had argued that he cannot afford the monthly therapy costs of up to 1,500 EUR for a cannabis extract. The BfArM now has to adjudge the patient’s application once more.

This is also politically charged, because the BfArM was apparently ready to allow the patient’s application. But following pressure from the Federal Health Ministry lead by the FDP (Free Democratic Party), the BfArM distanced itself from that.This is in contrast to the wholehearted announcements of the federal government to aim to improve the access to cannabis medical drugs for patients.

The Green Party demands: end the thriller - especially for patients

In their motion (Drucksache 17/6127) http://dipbt.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/17/061/1706127.pdf the Green Party prompts the federal government:

a) to present a law proposal designed to stop prosecution due to cannabis use following Narcotics Law and to rule out confiscation and seizure of the narcotic, if the suspected uses cannabis upon a doctor’s recommendation; and at the same time designed to regulate the prerequisites as well as the procedure for giving and verifying such a recommendation based on a list of indications.

b) to have the Federal Health Ministry call an expert group following Sec. 35c (1) of Volume V of the Social Insurance Code (SGB V), who shall assess the off-label use use of cannabis-based medical drugs for discussion and decision in the Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss, German public health organization), and who shall entitle very seriously ill patients who suffer from a condition that may not always be lethal to receive reimbursement for medicine in off-label use.

First, these demand would stop prosecution of cannabis users holding a medical license early in the process. Until now, persons affected are either forced to litigate their way through many judicial authorities or are convicted - their medicine will remain seized in either case. The second demand is essential to provide cannabis medicine to people not only in theory. Those with a doctor’s prescription for Dronabinol have to pay their medicine themselves, as the health insurance companies refuse to reimburse them. The actual use of cannabis as a medicine is therefore prevented by high costs, which patients who often suffer from a reduced ability to work cannot bear. With their motion, the Green Party takes up two key demands of the self-help network “Selbsthilfenetzwerk Cannabis Medizin” <http://selbsthilfenetzwerk-cannabis-med ... arade-2011>.


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